Sunday, 22 March 2015

Craft: Quilting: Small Charm Square Quilt. Notes

Points to remember when making next quilt:

  1. when quilting this one I secured the quilting stitches by changing my stitch length to zero. This was fine for this particular quilt but when I am making a larger quilt I'm going to leave a long tail at beginning and end and sew them in. This will take much longer but will look neater and I'll feel it's more secure.
  2. I just used white thread for this one but will need to remember to get matching thread. Also I need to check about using one colour for the top and another for underneath.
  3. The back turned out a bit bunchy. When I looked this up I found it's usually caused by the backing fabric not been taut enough. I should tape it down to the floor or table then build the sandwich up.
  4. the binding: it seemed narrow though I have read up about it and the width looks fairly standard. I might experiment with 3 inch strips on something in future though will need to remember (or read this back) to take the thickness of the quilt into account. I think doubling up the wadding may not be the way to go. I visited High Street Quilting in Birtley this weekend (more later) and seeing, and touching, real quilts made me realise they are not all super thick.

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