Sunday, 22 March 2015

Craft: Quilting: Small Charm Square Quilt. Part 4

The Small Charm Square quilt is now completed. I finished it with a border made from a blue and yellow flowery fabric. I cut inch strips and sewing them diagonally together. This was then sewn to the edge of the front of the quilt, turned and hand sewn with a slip stitch to the back.

I have tried with the potholders to machine stitch both sides of the binding but I just don't like the way that turns out. It's worth hand stitching for neatness.

I'm about 70% happy with this one. Considering it was really just a rehearsal I'm content to let it be. If I had taken more time I would have arranged the colours more sensibly as there a similar colours clumped together which I don't like. I would also have done more actual quilting. I thought about doing more but decided to leave it as it is.

Having said that I anticipated it would get put away as I couldn't see much use for it however when I was taking the photographs outside I realised it's the ideal size to cover the table. So Small Charm Square Quilt has a place after all. All's well that ends well.

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