Sunday, 29 March 2015

Craft: Quilting: Bird Quilt. Part 2.

I calculated the size of the sashing needed. Vertical sashes: 6 1/8 inch, by 2 inches (yes, weird measurements but that's the size of the bird panel pictures), horizontal sashes: 5 1/4 inches by 2 inches and cornerstones 2 by 2 inches. I cut them out but need more practice as I'm not as accurate as I would like.

I then sewed the vertical sashes and the panels together in groups of four.

I then sewed the horizontal sashes to the corner stones and joined all the pieces up.

 It was here I realised I had hit 2 snags. Firstly I don't have enough of the cream fabric to do the borders around the assembled piece. I messed up a bit with my cutting out and wasted some. Well, not wasted as I will be able to use the pieces on something else but just not this project. This means a trip back to the quilt shop which, though not a hardship from my perspective, does not fill Hans with joyous thoughts. I'm going to have to be generous when buying fabric in future as I don't have the luxury of being able to nip to the shop.

The second snag is that the piece is a little too long and thin for my liking. I could have arranged the panels in a more square formation but that would have left me with 4 unused panels (ie 5 by 5). So my idea to fix this is to add an extra border just to both sides, not the tops, to widen it out. I think I'm going to do strips of matching fabric sewed in rows.

To Do:
1. buy extra cream fabric for borders

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