Sunday, 22 March 2015

Craft: Quilting: Bird Quilt. Part 1.

My next quilting project is the Bird Quilt. I bought the fabric as from the picture and description on Amazon I thought it would be good for fussy cutting or smaller projects. When it arrived it was just so beautiful I wanted to make something where the individual panels were the star of the show.  I actually bought 2 pieces.
One has 12 panels showing birds in houses/boots.

The other has 12 panels of birds in trees/in nests.
My idea was to cut them into 24 individual pieces and join them with sashing/cornerstones. But as this is my first proper project I didn't want to risk buying the extra fabric I needed off the internet so located my nearest quilting supplies shop, High Street Quilting 
Poor Hans was roped into taking me. That man is a saint. Benedict Biscop wouldn't have taken me to a quilt shop.
And what a good time I had! Hilary, who runs the shop, was very helpful and endlessly patient with my questions. She helped me select 2 fabrics: a cream/self patterned one for the sashing and a blue/grey fabric with green and red highlights for the cornerstones. (yes that is Small Charm Square quilt poking out)
Now this in itself was a great example of why it's better to go into a shop if you can as I had imagined I wanted a green fabric for the cornerstones but none I saw was right. Then Hilary brought out some blues which matched much better. The one I chose brings out the blue of the sky in the panels and cools the whole thing down. It also brings out the red and green in the pictures. It's a wonderful shop. Hilary took the time to show me round and tell me a little of what they did; workshops and classes. I plan to go back once the top is done for wadding, thread, backing fabric and a pep talk.
Today I got all my pieces together. The fabric, rotary cutter, cotton (100% Coats) etc.
I'd already washed them all so just did a quick re-iron.  
Next step was to cut out all 24 panels. I gave them a ¼ inch seam allowance.
To Do:
1. calculate sizes and amount of sashing (2 sizes - vertical and horizontal)
2. calculate size and amount of cornerstones.

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