Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Small hexagon quilt

I started this quilt a while ago after buying some fabric from High Street Quilting. They were in those lovely baskets with juicy bits and pieces you find in fabric shops. I can never resist. At the time I had no ideas or thoughts about what they could become.

That same day I bought a Quilt Now magazine and, by lucky chance, there was a free gift of 250 1 inch hexagon papers. If that's not fate I don't know what is. So I had the idea of making lots of small hexagons in each of the three fabrics and arranging them in a swirling pattern. Sort of more concentrated at the bottom and diffusing out nearer the top. The filler will be white hexagons.

I took it to Denmark when we were there in September and it was very pleasant to sit outside the hotel room in looking out over the Præstø Fjord and sew. The weather was beautiful too. 

EPP is ideal for taking with you as you are out and about, I sew in the car on the way to work sometimes. I'm not sure how many of each colour I have but here are the three lots I sewed up. I also made some white fabric hexagons.

My idea is to have the hexagons 'floating' upwards from an area more concentrated at the base and diluting with white hexagons as they go upwards. I arranged them on a white background to get the shape I wanted.

Once I was happyish with this layout I marked each paper hexagon with a row letter and a place number. So B5 or N12. I gathered them up into piles of rows and clipped them together.

The next step is to sew each row together in the right order then sew all the rows to each other.

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