Saturday, 3 October 2015

Kärshult. Cutting out the strips.

I have cut out all of my strips. They are each 2 inches wide. I used the Log Cabin ruler designed by Marti Michell to do this. I don’t enjoy cutting out fabric at all so the ruler made a bad job slightly less tortuous.

Previously I cut out some test strips just to see what it would look like. I used the yellow fabric on the dark side of the block as the outer strips but when I sewed it up I wasn’t happy with it. The colour wasn’t dark enough; it’s more of a medium tone. Here’s what it looks like:

It looks huge in that photo but is actually approximately 13 by 13 inches.

This time instead of cutting yellow strips I cut the dark blue that I put to one side to use as a border round all the log cabin blocks. I like that much better. I’ll post a pic of it later.

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