Saturday, 3 October 2015

Plarn Shopper

I haven’t been making a note of this project step by step as I started it ages ago. It’s also not on my list of projects as they are all sewing projects and this is crochet (oh yes, I have a separate list of crochet projects!).

My original inspiration was twofold. Firstly I had a huge tangled pile of carrier bags in a cupboard. Secondly I didn’t want to have to pay for carriers when the charge comes in (which is this week I think) so I’ve been collecting bigger shopping bags. I found instructions for making plarn. There are several Youtube clips showing how to do this. Basically you flatten out a carrier bag (the thinner types are best) then fold them up length ways and cut strips. The strips open out into loops which you join together to make plarn (plastic yarn). That is then rolled into a ball and then crocheted like normal yarn. I used a size 5 crochet hook.

I sorted the bags into types so this bag is Tesco and Sainsbury’s. 

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