Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Christmas Lattice Quilt: Part 2

I'm starting my Christmas Lattice Quilt in the hope it will be complete by Christmas 2015! The design I'm using is straight from Jenny Doan at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and here is the link:
I'm taking it direct from the video with no messing about as it's a lovely, simple design that I should be able to make up quickly.
An additional extra to this quilt project will be I am going to attempt to record how many hours it takes me. I want to start to get an idea of the time they take. Hopefully I will remember to do this!

My first step was to rewatch Jenny's video and make a note of the steps/instructions.
I am using the charm packs in the Christmas Lattice Quilt: Part 1 post below. I think they are glorious. I also purchased some lovely red fabric from High Street Quilting  which I have pre-washed and ironed (I didn't wash the charm squares so we'll see how that goes).
I transcribed the instructions from the video and will use these as the step by step for each post.

So the first step is to cut all the charm squares on the diagonal so I have triangles. Then cut the red fabric into 1 and a half inch by 8 inch strips.

The next step is to sew 2 triangles to each side of a strip.

It was a bit tricksy as Jenny advises pressing the strip and the triangle so the have a fold at the halfway mark then using that to match them up when sewing. Watch her video as she explains it much better than me. This is repeated till all the blocks are made.

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