Friday, 28 August 2015

Christmas Lattice Quilt. Part 5.

I feel I am progressing quite well. I sewed all the squares into 13 rows of 12. Then I sewed each row together to form the quilt top. Here is this step in process. The bottom two rows haven’t been sewn together but the top section has.


Here are all the rows sewn together. I also sewed a border of the same red fabric I used for the lattices.


This photograph gives a closer view of part of the quilt.


My next step is to sew a second border to the quilt. I have chosen a quite muted golden fabric which I bought to make applique stars. I did only have one fat quarter though so have sent for three more. I like it as it isn’t too jazzy but picks out the golds in the quilt top. I’ll take a photo of that once the borders are on.

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