Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Craft: Quilting: Blue cushion.

I made some curtains for our bedroom (I will post pictures soon) and wanted to make a cushion to match. I thought it would be a good idea to make it using the crazy patchwork method as that's something I want to learn to do and as the cushion will only be seen by us I could relax if I make mistakes.
I began by fussy cutting out a central shape choosing one of the motifs from the curtain fabric.  I used my Simplicity EZ Quilting Simply Crazy Template which I didn't 100% understand the purpose of when  I bought it on a whim but now I see it's good to have an irregular sided shape for the central piece.I pinned my central shape to a square of cream cotton then sewed a strip of another fabric to it. I had marked the dimensions of the cushion onto the cotton.

 I continued in this way going round and round the central motif.
Once it covered the cotton fabric I trimmed it to be the correct size (40cm by 40cm).
From there I made the quilt sandwich and pinned all the layers together.

I then attempted free motion quilting. I'd like to say I did a loop style but in reality it was chaos. It's an odd feeling as I feel panic and fear when I do it. Everything speeds up and goes a little out of control. I'm not that happy with the quilting as I did the loops too close together so it looks crinkly but it looks better in the flesh (in the fabric?) than in a photo so all is not lost. Also it went better than my first attempt so all's good.
I'm currently embroidering the joins. It's slow going as I'm learning the stitches and I haven't got a hoop that fits the piece with the wadding. I'm not in a hurry though.
I also used one of the pieces of lace that Mam gave me as a trim. I'm going to use a piece if I can when I make something for home. In this cushion I sewed a strip of cream lace along a seam on the left side.
Once all the lace and embroidery was done I sewed the front to a piece of backing fabric with a length of blue piping in between. It's now finished and looks like this:

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