Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Craft: Sewing: Blue Curtains

These were a quick project, well compared the quilts they were. I bought the fabric from Textiles Francais  (be warned, do NOT press to go to that link if you have a fabric addiction!). It is called Toile de Jouy Fabric | Aimee and is glorious though I made a bit of a mistake and didn't order enough so had to insert a length of cream cotton and lace to lengthen it, which will you will see in the photos.

So this is the fabric though it needs a bit of an iron here.

I hemmed the bottom of each curtain.

It was after I did the hemming that I realised I hadn't bought enough fabric so I found some lace and cotton fabric to add a piece in. I cut the curtains about 1/3 from the bottom and inserted the lacy bit. I tried, and was successful, doing a flat fell seam for the first time.

I did this at both ends of the lacey piece. This made the curtains the right length. I added curtain tape and then got Peter and Hans to put them up for me.
And here they are:

I love that last photo particularly as it shows my lovely sewing table. I could happily sit there all day. 

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