Friday, 19 June 2015

Craft: Quilting: Bird Quilt. Part 6.

I'm still hand quilting my Bird Quilt. It takes some time as I am not great at hand quilting so am learning as I go. Also I would imagine even if you are an expert it's still quite a slow job. I am not finding it tedious though so all is good.

I wanted to mention the technique I am using. I read lots about hand quilting and looked up videos on the interwebs so knew the most popular method seems to be the 'rocking' motion way of doing things. Sewing in vertical line from north to south, thimble holding the end of the needle and fingers of the other hand underneath the quilt. I have tried and just can't get the hang of this way. I tried with a hoop and without. Different thimbles, different needles. It was not pretty.

After much experimenting I have found I am quite satisfied quilting with an ordinary needle, a longish one, as if I hold the end I can get lots of stitches in one go. Those tiny little needles recommended for quilting don't suit me at all. I don't use a hoop. Instead I rock the fabric rather than the needle, though actually I turn both. So I rock the needle back and forth and manipulate the fabric. I find I get my stitches as neat as I can that way. Finally the saga of thimbles. Who knew they were so problematic. In an ideal world I wouldn't use one at all. It's much easier without, but the tip of my middle finger was looking, and feeling, sore. It's no fun when the end of the needle goes through flesh. I have found I'm best using a Roxette thimble. I still haven't found a way to stop the needle going too far through the quilt before bringing in back up again other than hitting my nail. Yes my nail is looking a bit sad but my stitches are small!.

Here are photos of 2 of the panels I've completed:

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