Monday, 6 April 2015

Craft: Quilting: Bird Quilt. Part 3

I've been steaming ahead full speed with this one. Patchwork and quilting using a sewing machine is super quick. Last time I posted I had sewn the bird panels together but was not happy with the dimensions. It was too long and thin. Also I had miscalculated my fabric so needed another trip to High Street Quilting .

While there I purchased the wadding too as poor Hans will be fed up of Saturdays in quilting shops.

I pre washed and dried the wadding as I don't want that crinkly effect for this quilt. It does look lovely usually but I've designed this one around the bird panels so I want them to be as clear as possible.

To widen the quilt top I decided to sew a border down each side. I went for 'Piano Keys'  to pick up some of the colours in the quilt and also because the other quilting project I have on the go needs me to do that so I thought it would be good practice.

I used the cream and grey/blue fabric already in the quilt and a red one, a brighter blue and a yellow. I cut them into 3½ by 2½ inch strips (10 strips for each colour).

I then sewed them together in 2 strips. These have now been sewn down each side of the quilt. I haven't taken  a photo yet but will do that before I do the next part.


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