Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Kärshult. Complete.

My Kärshult quilt is now complete. Hans very kindly took me to Roker beach to take photographs of it.

I like it more than I thought I would. Originally the colours weren't as pleasing to me as I would have liked. This was due to them being more inspired by the situation than being what I would have chosen myself. I do think they come together quite well though. I especially like the flying geese, which is strange as I disliked doing them at first. 

I learned so much from this quilt. Mainly that it is much more difficult than I thought to manoeuvre a quilt of that size through a small machine. Yes it is doable but it can be frustrating. I think if I had been more proficient it would have been less tricksy. So I'm going to give the quilt as you go method a try for my next project. Or something small and manageable so I learn the skills I need. It's not easy to learn to quilt on a large project. 

I would also like to do more free motion quilting but again it was outside my skill level on such a large piece. Having said that I do love straight line quilting. I'm very pleased with what I achieved. 

 The quilting enhances the starry night pattern. I just stitched in the ditch with the flying geese units. The white borders have straight lines also. 

All in all it was very successful and the quilt is now on my bed. 

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