Thursday, 24 September 2015

Things to do

­I have a list of sewing projects I want to do at some point. They include:

  • Sweden quilt. This is my next big project. I have all the fabric and will be starting as soon as we get back from Denmark.
  • Zipped fabric bags. On the internet there are a gazillion tutorials for these bags and they are usually called pouches. Ugh. I hate the word pouches. I call them bags. None of the tutorials are quite what I want though so I’ve been tweaking. I want to do several types/sizes to fit around whatever is needed.
  • Appliqué. I’ve always thought it looks lovely and adds something extra to a project. I attempted some on my Christmas quilt and loved it. I found it very satisfying.
  • Peg holder. I’m actually in two minds about this one. I decided to learn how to make them when my own peg bag gave up and died. Since then I’ve been keeping my pegs in a plastic jug and in that time I’ve grown quite fond of that jug. It serves its purpose well and I have no complaints. So now the peg bag is on my list less out of necessity and just because I want to say I can make one.
  • Small hexagon quilt. And when I say small hexagon I mean it. I got some free, tiny, paper templates with a magazine and have the idea to do a lap quilt with lots of white negative space and the small hexagons scattered across that space. I have green/blue and mustard coloured fabric picked out for it so sort of have the idea there.
  • Bright blue quilt. This one will be super modern in design. I bought some bright turquoise fabric and again want lots of negative space but with patches of different sized squares in some areas. Again I know the design in my head. I also want to have a quilted back as opposed to one piece of backing fabric.
  • Placemats and coasters in the 1718 quilt design. I have practiced making Christmas coasters and placemats using cheap poly-cotton fabric. I now have an idea of what they need to be sewn like. I want to make some good quality ones too. I saw the copy of the 1718 quilt at the Quilt Museum in York and bought the book that has the patterns. I have an idea to have some of the designs on placemats and coasters in good quality fabric.
  • Nisse placemats and coasters. I need to make 3 sets of these for Michael’s children. I have the Nisse fabric so just need to find something in red that is suitable to edge them.
  • Tile Quilt. This is inspired from the shop doorway in Sunderland. I have always admired the tiles and want to make a quilt inspired by them. I’m not that keen on the colours though so it won’t be an exact copy.
  • Hexagon quilt. This is the first one I started a few years ago. It’s from a book and is EPP. I have all the hand sewing done so just need to join the pieces up and quilt. It is huge though so I want to quilt as you go in smaller pieces then join.
  • *Peter’s cushion. This is such a small job but I have been putting it off. I couldn’t find the fabric for it but recently it appeared again so I’m aiming to do this one first before all the others.
  • Bookmarks. Just sew a few to have as spares for when needed. I might also use them to practice appliqué.
  • Clear front bags. I saw a pattern for these in a magazine and loved them. They are ideal for holidays as you can see everything inside them.
  • Drawstring bags. These will be of 2 types. Type 1 will be your normal, round bottomed drawstring bag (though it’s trickier that you would think to find a good pattern so I’m thinking of testing out some ideas to get the one I want). Type 2 will have a crocheted outer part that covers the bottom and halfway to ¾ of the way up. The rest will be fabric and it will have a fabric lining. I looked on the internet for drawstring and it’s very disappointing. Cheap looking and boring colours. So I have bought a lucet and will be making my own.
  • Laundry/clothes bags. Again they will be drawstring but won’t have round bottoms. They are to put underwear etc in when travelling and also one for dirty clothes.

Wow. Fifteen things. I’d better get a move on

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